The Hipsters of Bohemian Paris


THE lamp must be replenish’d, but even then

It will not burn so long as I must watch :

My slumbers if I slumber are not sleep,

But a continuance of enduring thought,

Which then I can resist not : in my heart

There is a vigil, and these eyes but close

To look within ; and yet I live, and bear

The aspect and the form of breathing men.

– Lord Byron, Manfred (1816)

While most tenants will often see the cramped quarters of a Brooklyn bachelor apartment as the very definition of squalor, the modern hipster, motivated by dreams of becoming a writer, artist, performer or musician, will often characterize their life as “Bohemian”. They have no money for regular clothing, so they dress in shabby, discount rags. They have no time for hygiene, so they grow their beards. And they really don’t have money for food, because…

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