” Powdery Piece s ” from POETRY book # 4

” Powdery Piece s ”


Anxiety, rule whatever is complete

Astound and tensity

Perception typical will open

Continuity is wish with life

Not conquering the emotional conflict

Spiritual durability put in form

Front expiration life goes over


Determine to service ( 5 moments’ )

Rejection , Haggling , Enmity , Approval , Distress

Not fleeting but admitting silence

Meditating , awaking memories a perpetual laborer

Adverse desires – not any of

But a piece of – the position

Aged of the natural departure


Typical arrangement to crisp and current

Rebuttal still in have no alternative

Not trusting stating its potency

Recollecting diversity  ‘s’  striking and abrupt

Mentality modify the date requires

Collapsing to pieces rejection screens maybe

Reacting normally – stress with realism …….



BLaine Robert Parker


Date Written – November 20 -21 , 2004 A.D.



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