Let s Just call Him “Peter”

Time it Was, and Time it Is.

It  was just one of those days’ waking up in the apartment by them self and just felt like moving. It was a beautiful day outside, with a song going inside its head “Crimson and Clover”. It was turning the radio on and stepping out on the balcony lighting up a smoke. After showering, the putting on of clothes and shoes’ and grabbing of the leather jacket, one pushed off.

He wasn’t used to the sun beaming down on him so wearing the sunglasses was mandatory for that time and he felt like a real rebel, something from the “James Dean” time. After getting moving with the left side stiffen’ up, one made his decision where to go. He decided to head west to an old part of the city where was next to the college where he regularly visited and once went.

It was an old (aged) cafe where was just felt right for the mood that was in, the 60’s and 70’s music playing’ and the old tables with the counter in the place. So getting up there, one was sweating and just wanted to sit and have the mud and breakfast.He had his couple of mugs’ of coffee and made the food order from the young lady who was wearing a dress to give the impression that she was from the 60’s time.

Then it all started, sitting up at the counter he was joined by a young fellow who just wanted to ‘yap. Uh, ‘hello’ was greeted with talk about the weather outside. Now, the look he was giving from his clothes that was wearing, he was really low in life. He had some troubles in life and just had the times where holding a job was hard. He was able to pay for his own coffee and had his own cigarettes so the feel of conversing with him never bothered one. As mother always said to one while was growing up, ” Never judge others by their appearance ” .

The food was brought by the lady and placed in front of one, and she asked if wanted any catsup or more mud. It was two easy over eggs and two lightly toasted english muffins with butter on the side and the bowl of fruit. Then listening to the young fellow , he never gave a name to me, it all started. He started to say that he had felt like he was the only person with a handicap called epilepsy. He gave me the information on what type of epilepsy he had and what one should do if a seizure occurred.

So, anyways, the morning food was gobbled down while listening to the young fellows story. He just wanted to let off some crap inside himself. After hearing the info. or short story of the life that he had lived and the suicide attempts that were made during the times of depression he had, the memories came back.

Anyhow, the meal and coffee was paid for and a smoke was lit up as the last mug of coffee was downed. It was said to him in a friendly way, you know I’ve got epilepsy too, had it since birth and most likely will have it till death. I was just like you when was young with the depression but it is remembered. In my late teens, I was working in a restaurant during the graveyard shift hours, and met a person while was out vacuuming after the bar rush. He had told me that he had grown up with the handicap of epilepsy too and he passed along a short poem or writing that he had found in a book. He  said to me that whenever depression hits me and I want to end life, I just read this.

                                                            Razors’ pain you


                                                         Rivers’ are damp

                                                            Acids’ stain you


                                                           Drugs’ cause you cramps’

                                                           Guns’ aren’t lawful  


                                                           Nooses’ give ,

                                                           Gas smells’ awful,

                                                           So you might as well 

                                                                        LIVE ………



and another good thing that was told from him, is always make a joke to oneself after a epileptic seizure. It’s just one way of coping with it…….



BLaine Robert Parker


Date Written – July 8-9, 2015 A.D.


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