If Coffee was a sound

Poetry is my aeroplane

Evernote Coffee

I was thinking – Coffee is a drink, a drug and a colour; what if it was also a sound?  I asked some friends what it would sound like.  This is my interpretation of what they said.  Thank you for you help guys 🙂

At a silver moon,

On a distant hill,

A successful hunt is announced.

A pack of dingoes howl…

Maybe this is the sound of coffee?

Through an open window,

Released from the smoky confines

Of a single bed studio,

A haunted alto-sax brays a single

Inspired note…

Does it scream the sound of coffee?

Beneath the rain soaked street

Gurgles unknown liquid.

Through untold twists and turns

To hidden places,

That beckons the seeker…

Does she hear the sound of coffee?

Between the madding crowd

His footsteps carry him to the source;

A gentle buzz.

Like a distant, overheard conversation

That’s never whispered behind his back…

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