” That Reason To “

That Reason To

          Going out the back door to the store this morning was a very good time for a person. A running into the apartment manager happened and the telling of how her mother was doing after her eye surgery. It was told how she was helping out her mother for a couple of weeks with a couple of other events in the past how the stubbornness and determination in accepting the help was.

          Anyhow, after conversing with her, just walking to the store and back came the memory of how some of my relatives had been and how important lessons had been learned from them in the past.

          The reason for them being so stubborn and determined is because removing the work or ( every day tasks ) we call them is taking away one of them reasons to just get out of bed in the morning. It is a thing in life called freedom/peace and independence and using it before those things are lost because once those are lost, there is no reason to wake in the morning and get out of bed.

          They might show that sign in life, but there is a darn good reason for it. It is waking up in the morning and staring at the light coming through the blinds of the windows showing ” The Worm s Of  The Woodwork ” . L I F E . . . . .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – June 5 , 2016 A.D.


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