Creativity from Solitaire Emotion

” Creativity from Solitaire Emotion “

To leave the mind freely

In sophisticated fashion

Of seeing thoughts

With marked tribunal body


Discovery of a way

In oneness of matters

In drafted words coming

In the wit of selective peace . . . . .



BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – January 11, 2018 A.D.


The Warlock s of Canterbury

The Warlock s of Canterbury

With age of its outlook

In scenes to the dull

Travels sorcery in fantasy

In the call of the spirits


A deceiver in gothic curse

The barbarian conquests

With its battles to wars

Spanning planes of reality


With bronze and the pagan rule

Through times in the dusk

Marking paths in the show

With honors in mark . . . . .


Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date – January 07, 2004 A.D.


Dreams of The Sauntered State

” Dreams of The Sauntered State “

Catching that glare of the sliver of moon

It is felt like a lone silver wolf

A seen canvas that is made in travels

Felt by the artist as it moves with the brush


Along the fresh in scented tar and diesel cords

The orange filled sky of forest smoke made

Seen by the gazer crossing the trestle

Of views moving with solitude in dreams


Created with the sooty railed yard

With freckled pine lining old elevators

The boarders of brush giving a path

In marks of the scene made with time s . . . . .



BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – July 20 , 2017 A.D.