Of Stones That Speak


   ” Of  Stones That Speak “

       In the composure of lost souls

      The old line with scene

       Date placing together memories

      The actions of the altered

. . .

With sights’ of the unique

Viewing reactions of the wondered

A show of the past

In tours of its hush

. . .

Of marks in its thoughts

To stages of their world

On trips of silence

Styles  have marked to notice . . . . .

By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – May 26 , 2017 A.D.

Understanding A Mind

” Understanding A Mind “

An era of time

Escaping the pain

Must face reality

Time s in memory

. . .

With shows in the back

In self but freely

Discovering a self truce

A vision with adverse nature

. . .

Of oneness with wide space

Set – up but wide

But benfits of the experience

The question challenges . . . . .

By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – May 19 , 2017 A.D.


” Distance “


Distance from new

  Hiding secrets from others

In swirls called spirits

Shades travelled in marks

. . .

In a time for travels

Along roads to seek

Round corners with thought

Short stories with pain

. . .

In an era with silence

Format is marked with its space

With memories in sight

Clean escapes of its frame  . . . . .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – March 15, 2017 A. D.

Reins of Life

Reins of Life


Distant coats of soul

Off-the-shelf in pace

With far in departure

Gossip that circles in heart

. . .

Tossing on trails paced

Leaded into the passes breathed

Tailing to a smoother corner

Joking let it without taste

. . .

Meeted by the broth

Upon pleasant in its bask

Existence all around space heightened

With those that are brought to mind

. . .

Shades in order that were common and allowed

That can be an indication

Restored with imagination and tales

Nevermore being finally determined . . . . .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – February 11, 2017 A. D.