Too Much Coffee And Not Enough Doze

Too Much Coffee And Not Enough Doze


The present is there

When the jerk is made

In the energy of its scratch

For the pen and ink to seek


With the clip of the board

And the script of a notion

Travel wild in senility

Of devices in art


On marks of the making

With vividness of trails

And the stride of its

Knuckle on bone . . . . .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – February 21 , 2017 A. D.

A Schumbled Evolution

A Schumbled Evolution


.  .  .  A glass paneled House .  .  .



                                                                              A dream scape

                                                                              A nightmare scape


                                                                               To be discovered

                                                                             .  .  .  Imagined  .  .  .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – February / 2017 A. D.

A Pine Cone

” A Pine Cone “

In the mist of time

A gathering of thoughts

Placements for memories

Living dreams with belief

. . . . .

Walking the ridge

Doing things with sight

Upon its way with outcry

Shown the foot-path of age

. . . . .

Lost in seasons for cast

Of rejoice in a mark

For vibes of emotion

Posing the wisdom’s of being  . . . . .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – October 19, 2016 A.D.

Exhibition With Material In Search

Exhibition With Material In Search

A person gazes with its freedom

Of scenes in on with designs

Seeking of plots in thought

Where creations give show

. . .

In valleys of fog marking its shows

Time in pace gives the mark

What many travel to sight

For mind of its viewpoint in time

. . .

filing the name of photos in effect

In definition making a tune when light moves

Forcing the race of time to setting name

To ink with paper on making a venture . . . . .

Wrote By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – October 13, 2016 A.D.

Reservation Of The Observation

Reservation Of The Observation

With the sky and the sun

And the earth with the the moon s

The howl s of the wolve s

With the hoot s of the owl s

. . .

In the tree s on the scape s

Lining with rock s of the past

Moving with wind s in sound s

Of the water s with a rush

. . .

In scene s of its creation s

Lining the trail s of peace

Feeling the thought s of it s feeding

Of time s of motion s with shadow s …..

By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – Aug. 31 , 2016 A.D.

A Poet In The Dead Wind

A Poet In The Dead Wind

In time with then comes space

Travel s had gazed the passing memories

Images of noise with the pipes in form

Steel rumbles with even lines

Noise with the makings of the range

Up to the next wishes one fancies

It comes alone in actions of soul

With a ending journey s . . . . .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – August 05 , 2016 A.D.