Lifes a Biblical, Epical, Unbelievable World

Title – Lifes a Biblical, Epical, Unbelievable World

Paints’ Used – Acrylics’, Temperas’, ( Linseed ) Oil Paints’

Date Painted – November / 1995 A.D.

Size – 14 x 17 inches

Painted By – BLaine Robert Parker

N. F. S.



Of Stones That Speak


   ” Of  Stones That Speak “

       In the composure of lost souls

      The old line with scene

       Date placing together memories

      The actions of the altered

. . .

With sights’ of the unique

Viewing reactions of the wondered

A show of the past

In tours of its hush

. . .

Of marks in its thoughts

To stages of their world

On trips of silence

Styles  have marked to notice . . . . .

By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – May 26 , 2017 A.D.

Understanding A Mind

” Understanding A Mind “

An era of time

Escaping the pain

Must face reality

Time s in memory

. . .

With shows in the back

In self but freely

Discovering a self truce

A vision with adverse nature

. . .

Of oneness with wide space

Set – up but wide

But benfits of the experience

The question challenges . . . . .

By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – May 19 , 2017 A.D.


Resisters Of Battle

” Resisters Of Battle “

Future to stinging conflicts

The writers of rise

To understand the access

A peoples fresh faults

. . .

In joined urban areas

It is always carried on

In protection of strife

An arrant setback …..


BLaine Robert Parker

Date Wrote – April 8 , 2017 A.D.



” Distance “


Distance from new

  Hiding secrets from others

In swirls called spirits

Shades travelled in marks

. . .

In a time for travels

Along roads to seek

Round corners with thought

Short stories with pain

. . .

In an era with silence

Format is marked with its space

With memories in sight

Clean escapes of its frame  . . . . .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – March 15, 2017 A. D.


Reins of Life

Reins of Life


Distant coats of soul

Off-the-shelf in pace

With far in departure

Gossip that circles in heart

. . .

Tossing on trails paced

Leaded into the passes breathed

Tailing to a smoother corner

Joking let it without taste

. . .

Meeted by the broth

Upon pleasant in its bask

Existence all around space heightened

With those that are brought to mind

. . .

Shades in order that were common and allowed

That can be an indication

Restored with imagination and tales

Nevermore being finally determined . . . . .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – February 11, 2017 A. D.


Too Much Coffee And Not Enough Doze

Too Much Coffee And Not Enough Doze


The present is there

When the jerk is made

In the energy of its scratch

For the pen and ink to seek


With the clip of the board

And the script of a notion

Travel wild in senility

Of devices in art


On marks of the making

With vividness of trails

And the stride of its

Knuckle on bone . . . . .

Written By – BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – February 21 , 2017 A. D.